03 September 2010

Nivers: 3d organ book available

My typesetting of “Troisième livre d’orgue des huit tons de l’eglise” can be downloaded from imslp. This edition may be easier to read than the period sources, but the music has not been simplified in any way. I highly recommend finding one of the facsimile editions and studying the original publications; the rhythmic freedom of the pieces is much more apparent. Also, those editions often include extremely helpful essays in their introductions.

Feel free to post comments here about errors and other lapses.

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  1. Anonymous2/10/10 07:59

    I guess I'm one of the three people on the planet who care. I've just finished printing out the Nivers on my laser printer. Next step is to take it to the church copier and copy it double sided. Third, it's off to Kinko's for a spiral binding and plastic covers. Finally, to play through all the movements on my new 13-stop tracker (yes, it has a cornet and 2 reeds)! Thank you for all your work.
    Michael Menne
    Crofton, MD